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Oct 15th 2016 – Aaron Stehling for Taxidermy Talk News
  Online video streaming web site is now offering ALL of it’s videos has individual buys with forever access. In the past some videos could only be viewed with a paid monthly subscription. You can now pick and choose exactly what you want to watch, and only pay a one time cost for the video. It is just like buying a DVD, only better ! Get instant, forever, anytime access to the videos you buy.
Find out more by visiting the web site.
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Austin Stehling is a second generation taxidermists with extensive experience in many different fields of taxidermy. Austin is manager and lead taxidermist of the Bird and Big game departments at Stehling’s Taxidermy. Focusing on perfecting bird taxidermy, Austin has mounted thousands of birds for clients all over the World. His bird taxidermy techniques are revolutionary in the Taxidermy field, and help set the standard for quality. Austin has mounted hundreds of big game shoulder mounts and lifesize animals. His vast knowledge on the subject makes him a regular go to expert for other taxidermists. Along with being a full time taxidermist, Austin owns the AJ Stehling Company. The AJ Stehling Co specializes in web site development, programming, and business consulting for online marketing and social media.