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Authors Posts by Tim Patton

Tim Patton

I became interested in taxidermy when I was about 10 or 11; my father is the one that got me interested in it because I would help him in his small shop. When I was in middle school and high school I got away from taxidermy somewhat because I was so busy with school and sports but even though I wasn't actively doing taxidermy I was still interested. I remember talking to my dad about what specimens he had gotten in. When I was about 20 I started to get back into taxidermy and my passion has grown since then. I am now 31 and I run a full-time taxidermy shop in Loveland, Ohio. I have won awards at both the state and national levels and this year I am looking forward to entering a piece in the World Championships. I specialize in Whitetail deer but I do everything: fish, migratory birds, upland game birds, large and small mammals, exotics, European mounts, camo dipping, reptiles, and domestic animals. I am a member of the Ohio Taxidermists Association, an Official Safari Club International Scorer, and a member of the National Taxidermy AssociationMy favorite animal to work on are deer, I feel like you can really see the individualism in deer if you look close enough. I don't know everything about taxidermy but I'd be glad to help if you ever have any questions.
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