14801065_1184146878290337_1466547712_nI used to hate the forms that came with the two threaded rods sticking out. I found them very limiting and aggravating to get on and off. Especially for large mounts. I have tweaked my methods over the year’s and here’s my latest and most productive method so far.
I like to use square tubing. I went to a local steel supply company to figure out what sizes would slide down in the other. I use the smaller to go in the mount and the larger in the base.
14804880_1184147024956989_870346333_n14800739_1184147061623652_928275090_nI used to weld a couple pieces cross ways to the main shaft and trace it on the back of form and cut out with a reciprocating saw. And anchor it in with screws or threaded rod and bondo and foam the hole. My latest method now. I made an extra long drill bit. Mikey who works here welded an 1 3/8″ paddle bit in some 1/2″ square tubing. After making level marks on the form we turned it upside down leveling the marks up. And ran that mammoth size bit all the way through the bottom of the Cape Buffalo right out the top. Mikey welded a piece to one end and a brace as well. We then cut out for the steel to be countersunk in the foam. I ran several 5″ screws in around it to hold it in. I also ran some threaded rods across the top of it. I don’t worry a whole now about the tube being perfectly level as i can adjust that with the bottom piece. Then thinned some bondo so it would run down in around everything.14797477_1184146991623659_1199196117_n
I also have some receivers made so I can stick them on my mounting stands.
This is by far not the only method but it’s the one I prefer. I love how they are so easily detachable.
Don’t forget to order with no rods!
Next i’ll talk about the base end.

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Michael Shipman is co owner along with his wife Frankie Shipman of Shipman's Taxidermy Studio Cohutta, Ga . Where both are full time employees. He has around 20 years of experience in the taxidermy business. Mounting animals from all around the world. Specializing in large mammal's particularly African game. He also has a passion for mounting turkeys. They also operate a wholesale rugging business called Shipman's Wholesale Rugging. This business started as a subsidiary business for extra income but has grown substantially over the years with very little advertisement mostly by word of mouth. He can be reached at 706-694-4144 or shipmanstaxidermy@windstream.net