Turkey Wing Replacement


Skin showing bad wing off and were it was cut from the skin

Body set up and pre drilled for the wing wires. Note that they are exiting close together.
1 1/8 hole were the wires come out and with the skin on with the one wing into body.

Showing were wing will go back into the skin and new wing wired up and ready to go into the skin.


Hole in skin lining up with pre drilled hole and wing into the body and wires crossing at the exit hole.

Wires twisted back into body and make sure skin isn’t pinched and humerus bone is pulled up and tight.

Next we will bondo the hole were are wings exited the body. I like to add some fiberglass resin to my bondo to make it so you can pour it into the hole. Note the cotton ball as a dam for the bondo. You can also place a couple of cotton balls into the hole if you are a little short on the bondo pour. This will make for a solid wing set that wont wable out of the hole.

Bird mounted and groomed for the first day. Note the feather lost on the breast we will replace that area once the skin is dry.
I set my bodies up a little different than Aaron Stehling’s method outlined in his Taxidermy Insider® video series,and I’m using Bad Boy Bodies with the breast inserts. I will cut off the neck and replace it with the one from the head as every freeze dry form is different and I will cut the insert into so the head will come off. I will show this in another lesson.
If you have any questions on this let me know.


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