Keeping Your Magic Sculpt Soft

Magic Sculpt

Magic Sculpt is pretty much a god send for the taxidermist. It has many different uses in the industry and is used every day in taxidermy shops around the world. No matter what you specialize in, whether it is fish, birds are deer you will most likely have a kit of Magic Sculpt on the shelf somewhere in the shop.

The biggest complaint I hear from fellow constituents involved in taxidermy is that the hardener goes bad and is unusable. It happens to all of us and the older the Magic Sculpt is the worse it gets.  What is happening is that the Hardener is drying out and is almost impossible to get out of the container to mix with the resin. It can get to a point that the hardener crystallizes to the point that it is useless. Well never fear again of opening a container of Magic Sculpt to only find out that it has dried out. This video will explain the secret to keeping your Magic Sculpt soft and usable 24/7.




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With over 20 years in the industry CJ Herring has dedicated his life to the art of taxidermy. He is a taxidermy journalist and contributing writer for TTN News and is the founder of Cliffords Taxidermy. Licensed and certified CJ has experience in all phases of taxidermy. From small animals to full body mounts along with birds and fish. CJ specializes in turkey taxidermy, whitetails, cold and warm water fish taxidermy, along with any and all small mammal taxidermy.