Tine Repair

I start by matching the length of the same tine on the opposite side of the rack. I then drill a hole into the broken tine and insert a 10 gauge wire and glue it into the base with super glue.
Next I sculpt the new tine with “ Fix It “ by Aves studio, white.
After drying ( I let it dry at least 12 hours), I use Yellow Ochre mixed with Burnt Sienna paint thinned down A LOT!!
I paint the tine with this wash, then wipe it with a dry brush to blend. If it gets too dark, you can use steel wool to remove the paint wash and redo it.
The paint wash will stay in the abnormalities of the sculpted tine.
Next I use a small brush to stipple Raw Umber onto the tine, then wipe it down with a dry brush.
I then make a very thinned down wash with Dark Brown, and paint the entire tine, and dry brush it again until I get the desired look.
and here it is in natural light outside