How To Break In A Deer Hide

How To Break In A Deer Hide

There are many ways one could break in a deer hide for softness. You will find a ton of information on the net on just how to do it. There is no secret on how to break in a deer hide. The bottom line is that work is involved and some elbow grease goes a long way.

In this video I show you one method that can be done without having to bend over on a beam while you break in a deer hide. If you have a large enough table you won’t even have to handle the hide by trying to hold it off the ground.

The deer hide in this video is completely tanned and has been oiled. It is in the drying stages. You will always want to break in a deer hide while it is in the drying stages, and not when it is fully dried. You will repeat the steps shown in the video several times over several times, until your deer hide is fully dried. The mission here is to soften and break the fiber structure to keep the skin flexible and pliable. The more you work it the better it will come out.