Struggling with Noses on your deer ?


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This article is by TTN Author D. Price

Having trouble getting the hair patterns to line up properly around the nose on your deer heads? How about shrinkage or wrinkled nose pads once dry? There is a simple answer for these issues. It is proper thinning and prep of the skin long before it is mounted. The less tissue that is present the less shrinkage and pulling you will have, think about it! The thicker the tissue, the more moisture needed to hydrate the area, the more moisture that is present the more shrinkage you are going to have during the drying process. It is that simple!

It is very important to remove all the muscle, tendons and fatty tissue to have a nicely shaped and realistic looking nose when done. You need to get it down to the skin, you should actually be able to see through the nose pad once properly thinned. If it is not clean and evenly shaved you will not a have a smooth nose and your hair patterns will not dry in the correct locations.

The tips and techniques to learn the proper steps to achieving a well thinned nose like the one pictured above can be found in “Mastering The Fleshing Machine A-Z PLUS” along with over three hours of other shaving and prepping techniques and tricks of the trade. This quality of shaving is absolutely necessary to put out high end taxidermy in this day and age of the industry.  Check it out today, you can’t afford to let your competition get a step a head of you!


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D. Price is owner and operator of Outback Taxidermy since 1993, a full time taxidermy studio in Youngsville, North Carolina. Over his many years of experience, dating back to 1986 as an apprentice at Carolina Fur Dressing Co. in Raleigh, North Carolina, D. has developed unique skills as well as techniques that he uses in his every day taxidermy projects. He specializes in mammal taxidermy, and with his 18 years of experience in the fur dressing side of the industry, he is well versed in the field of hair on tanning as well as skin preparation.