A different twist on pedestals Part 2


On the last article we talked about the square tubing in the manikin. This article I will cover how I install the tubing in the base.
First I have a helper set the animal on the base to see where it looks the best. I step back and look at it while my help is holding it. I like to place it to where their is an equal amount of the animal on both sides of the base.20161130_081047
After the attachment point is figured out I trace around the square tubing with a marker. Then I set my larger receiver tubing on it and mark around it. I use a drill bit for each corner and finish up with a reciprocating saw. I stick a tape measure down in the hole all the to the bottom of the base and this is the length I cut my tubing. My wood guy builds my bases to where the bottom is removable. I remove the bottom. Then i temporary secure the bottom of the tube to the insides of the base to where i think it need to be. I then put the form on the base to see how level it is. 20161019_172942If I need to move it side to side or lift the front up some now’s the time. Flip the base back over and repeat process until it’s where I want in. Then permanently secure bottom of tubing and replace bottom of pedestal.
This method may not be for everyone but it works great for me.

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Michael Shipman is co owner along with his wife Frankie Shipman of Shipman's Taxidermy Studio Cohutta, Ga . Where both are full time employees. He has around 20 years of experience in the taxidermy business. Mounting animals from all around the world. Specializing in large mammal's particularly African game. He also has a passion for mounting turkeys. They also operate a wholesale rugging business called Shipman's Wholesale Rugging. This business started as a subsidiary business for extra income but has grown substantially over the years with very little advertisement mostly by word of mouth. He can be reached at 706-694-4144 or shipmanstaxidermy@windstream.net